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- Finance Function Transformation

- Capital Budgeting Projects

- Financial Analysis

- Performance Management

- Business Potfolio Review

- Outsourcing Advisory

- Finance and Accounting

- Working Capital Management

- Planning and Budgeting

- Compensation Management

… At ANALYTICS, we provide “niche” professional Consulting and Outsourcing services.  Our portfolio of services was crafted carefully to enable the transformation of Finance and Accounting functions from traditional functions to “Centres of Excellence”

From finance function transformation to working capital management, and day-to-day accounting operations, our consulting and outsourcing services cover a broad range of clients’ requirements.


We have developed our service portfolio based on our experience, best practices and the compelling market needs. While each service and accompanying challenges may vary in scope, complexity, and duration, our team is experienced in delivering results across all areas.  Through our services portfolio we “create value” for our clients. 

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