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Accounting Function Transformation


With the increasing focus on business partnering and higher involvement in strategic business decisions, some challenges continue to hinder the ability of accounting functions to play the right strategic role. 


At ANALYTICS, our Accounting Function Transformation service is geared to assist clients with the assessment and change management of typical challenges including “leadership commitment, role definition, technology platforms, business processes, organizational structure, internal controls, performance metrics, internal capabilities” and more importantly “striking the right balance between cost, quality, timeliness, accuracy and the residual risks”.

Accounting Analysis


The effective application of accounting analysis helps businesses in assessing their overall performance, key risks, efficiency and profitability of operations as well as identifying irregularities.


At ANALYTICS, our Accounting Analysis service is designed to assist businesses with this important area.  Our careful selection of the relevant and “novel ratios”, benchmarking methodology and tools coupled with the experience of our qualified analysts make us well positioned to provide meaningful analysis and interpretations.


Capital Budgeting Projects


Our capital budgeting service is positioned to provide a “comprehensive feasibility assessment” of new projects.  Our approach towards capital projects goes beyond financial analysis.


At ANALYTICS, we realize that reliable studies should consider other critical aspects such as the strategic fitness of the proposed projects, the risk profile, linkage with the eco system, industry structure, market research and envisaged business strategy as well as the rationale of assumptions, reasonableness of the cost of capital, adequacy of the sensitivity analysis and relevance of the industry benchmarks.


Performance Management


In today’s business environment, balanced scorecards have moved from the corner of performance management to the strategic management domain.  Using “balanced scorecards as strategy maps” enable many businesses to plan the initiatives and resources effectively, take an outside-in strategy perspective and achieve improvement targets with clearly defined responsibilities.


At ANALYTICS, we help our clients with the development of balanced score cards including the assessment of business challenges, developing the sequence and description of initiatives, defining the resources and capabilities, training and implementation.


Business Portfolio Review


The business portfolio review is an ongoing management task.  Optimizing the portfolio mix requires careful assessment of the economic contribution and strategic role of business units to identify the “growth opportunities and divesture options”.


At ANALYTICS, our Business Portfolio Review service is designed to support troubled businesses developing turnaround strategies.  The focus of business reviews involves an assessment of the overall business, operating and financing strategies, structure, technology and processes as well as the external environment and competitive forces.  Our assessment deliverables are often used as a roadmap for change and devising business turnaround strategies.


Outsourcing Advisory


The TCE was a dominant theory in defining the boundaries of organizations and the buy or make decisions.  The growth of outsourcing  on a global scale enabled many organizations to build a “competitive advantage” over other rivals; however, it can be associated with some implications such as asset specificity, asymmetry, opportunistic behaviours, incomplete contracts, etc.


At ANALYTICS, we help our clients with the assessment of benefits and implications of outsourcing and developing the right strategies.  Our approach involves careful assessment of the outsourcing options, economic benefits, technology impact, business impact, know-how, quality, risk profile and the service providers’ oversight.

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