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The Broadening Role of Finance Functions 


The true prize of successful finance transformation is to unlock value, improve shareholders’ return and create competitive advantage. The broadening role of finance functions involves a major shift from playing the traditional controller role to becoming a strategic partner.  This change of role requires careful transformation programs as it involves changes on different fronts including business focus, capabilities, application of new techniques and technologies, reduction of time spent on non strategic activities and structural alignment. 

At ANALYTICS, we enable our clients to manage their finance functions transformation successfully.  We realize that too many changes, and inadequate change management plans can result in project failures. Similarly, potential flaws with the change management strategy can result in increased investments and organizational complications.


We have designed our services in a “modular” manner to cover the full spectrum of finance and accounting activities at the same time enable our clients to choose specific areas, in which they require professional expertise. 


We realize that the nonrecurring nature of certain activities such as transformation, process improvements or systems implementation, pose more challenges as the internal capabilities alone may not be adequate to manage the transformation.  Our role at ANALYTICS is to ensure that clients’ objectives are met through proper assessments, sound change management plans and effective oversight. “Our industry focus, philosophy, values, innovative solutions, access to best practices and highly qualified people” enable us to serve our clients and add value.

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